5 Things Parents Don’t Prepare For When Children Start School


Schooling a child is a basic thing that comes inevitably no matter how much you dread the transition of your kid from the home to the primary school sydney. But the transition period does not only affect the parents but also the teachers, who need to settle within the vicinity of a new environment with a batch of fresh kids feeling like they have been torn apart from their homes. The teachers, although responsible for the nurturing of kids, expect the kids to learn a few tricks before they are admitted in the school. They are basic manners that are to be taught to kids before they start school.


Kids, when admitted in schools, are not prone to sharing and being encouraged towards teamwork. Although a certain characteristic is expected from the kids when they are directed to a small group setting where the activities are assigned based on the teamwork between a group of kids. Teamwork helps the child in becoming compassionate and considerate towards other kids and people, in general.

Knowing and fixing the wrongs

It is the job of parents to tell their kids of what is wrong, what is socially acceptable and what will be admired. These actions may not be defined best by the parents when the kids are admitted into the primary schools which leaves the kids with a confused identity of what should not be done. Moreover, by correcting the wrongs, the child becomes rather mature towards difficult situations.

Learning materials

It is without a doubt, a known fact, that the kids are expected to learn in the schools they are sent to but for this sole purpose, you cannot just ignore the child’s learning capabilities. Hence, the teachers expect the parents to help their kids with various learning materials such that when they start at primary schools, they can find ease in learning.


Another important thing that is expected by the parents from the teachers is the ability to read. They do not have to be scholars with proper vocabulary and dictated grammar on the edge of their fingertips. But to be able to pronounce different words can definitely help them through various lessons.

Physical exercise

PE is a part of the school curriculum that is expected to be followed by the teachers from the kids. In order to help the kids stay woke during the subject is to keep your kid active with various physical activities and to not let them become lazy. This basic learning of physical education help kids go a long way in primary schools because often the kids find themselves becoming fatigued with such activities that should be avoided at such a young age.